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Remind Me Oh Lord of the Price that was Paid

cross bcoc

They bound His hands, and they took Him captive. They beat Him, and they spat on Him. They slapped Him, and they plucked the hairs of His beard from His face. They put a crown of thorns on His head, and they whipped Him. They put a robe on His back and yelled, “Hail the King of the Jews.” They nailed Him to the cross, and they killed the Son of God.



“You busted his lip!”

“Look at what you did to him!”

“Good work guys, good work! Way to go!”

“This is horrible.”

“Yeah, the police grabbed him. He’s an older doctor. He wouldn’t get off the plane, so they forced him off.”

These are direct quotes of some of the things that were said by other passengers as Dr. David Dao was literally dragged from his seat on an overbooked United Airlines flight this past Sunday.

LOOPHOLE HUNTERS - Episode Two: Relationships (Part One)


In this series, we are taking a look at some of the ways in which we, as Christians, hunt for loopholes in God’s Word. “Loophole Hunting” is when we take a clearly communicated command from God – one that was intended to be taken into the depths of our hearts and to change our lives - and we find a “technicality.” This technicality, in our minds, gives us permission to either lessen the impact of the command or, in some cases, disregard it entirely.  


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